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Artificial Floral Inspiration- Harper Love

Artificial Floral Inspiration- Harper Love

Harper Love... Enjoy creating this stunning arrangement of artificial flowers by following the simple instructions below…

What you will need;

3 x Autumn Cream Alstroemeria 19555

2 x Brown Hypericum 19561

1 x Berry Bouquet 19718

1 x Coffee Cream Dahlia 19742

1 x White Fashion Peony 19034

1 x White Ranunculus Spray 18941

1 x Faux Ammi 19953

1 x Green Fern Bunch 19955

1 x Olive Spray 19628

1 x Green Viburnum Spray (19591) *slight change to image

1 x Variegated Leaf Spray 19605 

How to create the magic;

The beauty of some of our spray stems is that they work perfectly as a starting structure for an arrangement. I like to start this one as a hand tie and start grouping together before placing in the vase.

Using the fern, separate the fronds and then start to place the flowers at random intervals. Add in the hypericum and olive branch and then place in the jug. Tease into position. Break down the berry bouquet into five separate stems and inject into the arrangement. They will all look different, but uniquely so in your own style.

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